AmbiHead v1.0 AAX VST2 WiN MAC-NeBULA


AmbiHead v1.0 AU AAX VST WiN MAC

TEAM NeBULA | 11.05.2016 | WiN: 14.8 MB | MAC: 29.9 MB

Ambi Head is a professional plugin for converting ambisonic signals into 3D binaural audio. It allows manipulations of 3D scenes (rotations and control of spatial width) and contains HRTF filters specifically designed for immersive listening and accurate reproduction of B-format signals. Custom HRTF filters can be loaded via the integrated SOFA importer, letting users choose “custom heads” for personalized binaural rendering. An integrated Goniometer provides visual display of the binaural output (Lissajous display) giving meaningful insights into the scene spatial properties.


  • 3D binaural decoding of Ambisonic signals
  • Spatial width control
  • Scene rotation (Z axis)
  • SOFA importer for custom HRTF filters
  • Goniometer (Lissajous display of the binaural output)
  • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
  • Input : B-format (WXYZ)

AmbiHead v1.0 AAX VST2 WiN MAC-NeBULA