Wave Arts All Plug-Ins v2021.08 macOS-SPTNDC

Wave Arts All Plug-Ins v2021.08 macOS-SPTNDC

Wave Arts All Plug-Ins macOS

SPTNDC | Sept 10 2021 | 369 MB

Founded in 1998 by MIT Media Lab Ph.D. Bill Gardner, Wave Arts develops professional audio processing software for a variety of markets. Our principal products are plug-ins for digital audio workstation software. These provide audio processing functionality needed for mixing, mastering, audio restoration, and sound design. Used by recording studios, television and radio stations, and musicians, our plug-ins combine innovative algorithms with thoughtful user interfaces designed for efficient workflow. Our plug-ins sound great, are easy to use, and don’t hog CPU resources. We support our plug-ins with frequent updates to address bugs and compatibility issues, and provide prompt customer support via email.

Wave Arts also develops and licenses technology products. Recently developed technology products include vSpace, a high-definition 3D voice conferencing system; VQE, echo cancellation and voice enhancement for softphones; and AudioFix, a fully automatic system for video soundtrack post production. Legacy products include ART, an automatic surround sound equalization system for AV receivers, MobileSynth, a General-MIDI ringtone generator for cellphones, and WaveSurround, a virtual surround system for playback of 5.1 and 7.1 content over stereo headphones or speakers.

Plug-Ins Included:
• Dialog 2 v2.05 (x86_64, arm64)
• Master Restoration Suite 6 v6.03 (x86_64, arm64)
• Power Suite 6 v6.11 (x86_64, arm64)
• Tube Saturator 2 v2.13 (x86_64, arm64)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/8WMrX
Wave Arts All Plug-Ins v2021.08 macOS-SPTNDC