2MiDi v1.3.2 WiN x86-MESMERiZE

2MiDi v1.3.2 WiN x86-MESMERiZE

2MiDi v1.3.2 WiN

TEAM MESMERiZE | 10 September 2018 | 867.56 KB

2MIDI is a balls-on accurate MOD to MIDI file converter, it doesn’t just stick the notes in a MIDI file. It also converts the effects and instrument info (eg. volume/pan envelopes) to make an exact MIDI copy of the MOD (assuming there are enough MIDI channels). 2MIDI supports the MOD / XM / IT / S3M / MTM file formats.


  • Balls-on accurate
    Makes exact MIDI copies of MODs
  • Effects conversion
    Converts all MOD effects into MIDI
  • Instrument conversion
    Switchable volume/pan envelopes and vibrato handling for each sample
  • Flexible channel allocation
    MOD channel and sample based MIDI channel assignment
  • Prioritization
    4 different note prioritization methods are used
  • WAV/IFF/PAT/XI/SF2/DLS samples
    Export samples/instruments in any of these formats
  • Optimizations
    Silent note removal, note length trimming, channel sharing, also several automatic optimizations to reduce the MIDI file size
  • Volume/pan/pitch resolution
    Allows great reduction of the MIDI file size with only minimal loss in quality
  • Drum channel
    Use the MIDI drum channel for conversion of notes with no FX applied
  • Effect translation
    Translate MOD effects to MIDI controllers/meta-events


* SF2/DLS samples, channel sharing, resolution options, drum chan conversions, effect translating are only available in registered versions.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/tNpa
2MiDi v1.3.2 WiN x86