DSP-Quattro v5.5.1 macOS-TNT

DSP-Quattro v5.5.1 macOS-TNT

DSP-Quattro v5.5.1 MAC

TNT | Jan 3 2021 | 46 MB

Audio File Editing, Audio CD Mastering, Plug-in Hosting

A new application forged on its distinguished past. Rebuilt from magesy download the bottom up for macOS Mojave (*), DSP-Quattro 5 stands on the foundation of its award-winning twenty-three year history, primed to carry on its tradition of excellence well into the future.

Audio Editing:
– 64 bit Audio and Graphic Engines
– Dozens of sample-based editing functions, including: linear phase Sample Rate Converter; phase locked Time Stretching and Frequency Shifting algorithms
– 64 bit Audio Units (AU) plugins for editing
– Advanced looping tool for building sample libraries
– For vinyl restoration, an astonishing built-in Declicking algorithm

Audio Mastering:
– Exclusive AudioCD Layout waveform view provides programmable X-Fades in real time
– Burn Audio CD-ROMs and Import/Export DDP files
– Support for EAN/UPC, ISRC, PQ subcodes, CD-Texts and ID3 Tags
– Exports to iTunes Plus AAC M4A
– Supports ISRC codes on WAVE files

Plug-in Hosting:
– Hosts 64 bit Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins, editing with sample accuracy and latency compensation
– Play AU Virtual Instruments via MIDI control
– DSP-Quattro can be used in live performance as a real time multi-effects processor or to play Virtual Instruments

Record Audio Files:
– If markers are dropped while making a live recording, an Audio CD-ROM can be output in just a few seconds.
– The built-in Output Recorder writes to disc what you are listening to—in real time.
– v5 records to CAF unrestricted size audio files. File length is limited only by available hard disc capacity.
– DSP-Quattro can record direct to disc using 32 bit float sample precision. No conversion to 24 bit required when set to maximum quality.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/pwg8
DSP-Quattro v5.5.1 macOS-TNT