eXtra Voice Recorder v3.3 macOS-TNT

eXtra Voice Recorder v3.2.1 macOS-TNT

eXtra Voice Recorder v3.3 MAC

TNT | 14 September 2021 | 8 MB

eXtra Voice Recorder is a combination of a powerful high-quality audio recorder and an easy-to-use audio files manager. This handy tool is always with you, so all you need to start recording is to hit a hotkey. You can add notes and photos to each recording, bookmark important parts for ease of navigation, continue recordings and save them directly to the cloud for universal accessibility. A built-in search tool will help you quickly find the necessary recording or its fragment, while the Split function will facilitate splitting recordings in your collection.


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/K984
eXtra Voice Recorder v3.3 macOS-TNT