NI Creator Tools v1.2.0 R52 STANDALONE macOS

NI Creator Tools v1.2.0 macOS

MORiA | 30.01.2020 | 85.8 MB

KONTAKT 6 ships with a standalone application suite – Creator Tools – to aid the instrument creation processes. It consists of three elements: A Debugger, for identifying and fixing problems in KONTAKT script; an Instrument Editor, which can load and run Lua scripts to automap samples, duplicate and batch rename groups, and copy settings from magesy download one part of an instrument to another; and a GUI Designer, which allows creators to assemble, customize, and reuse KONTAKT performance views and controls without the need to write code.

KONTAKT’s advanced scripting language, KSP, powers countless pro instruments. It allows euclidean sequencers, percussion instruments that reproduce minute drum skin variations, complex orchestral clusters, and more. It also allows powerful custom GUIs for instruments that look as good as they sound.

NI Creator Tools v1.2.0 R52 STANDALONE macOS