Reason v11.3.9 WiN FULL-R2R

Reason v11.3.9 WiN FULL-R2R

Reason v11.3.9 WiN FULL

Team R2R | 09 Sep 2021 | 5.52GB

The Reason Studios Reason 11 is the 2019 release of the ever popular Digital Audio Workstation from the former Propellerhead Software. This Audio Creation/Editing program has a powerful processing engine, a host of Instruments and Effects and is presented in 3x versions (Intro, Standard and Suite), making Reason 11 an excellent choice regardless of the user’s needs. Alongside the stand-alone DAW, Reason 11 can optionally be used as the Reason Rack Plug-In, a VST3 Plug-In format which allows for the use of Reason in other Digital Audio Workstations. This can make the transition to Reason a far more painless process for those familiar with different software. Reason 11 is the industry standard edition of the lauded software. Included with the package is a generous compliment of Synthesizer sounds, sampled Instruments, Drum Kits, Loops and Effects which empower users to create professional Audio projects in a powerful Virtual Studio. Editing Audio and MIDI automation has received an update, speeding up workflow with a more intuitive response. The rock-solid Recording and Mixing options are retained from previous iterations, now augmented with a series of workflow improvements and new Devices.

Workflow Improvements:
– Curved Automation: Improved automation curves with “smoother” movement and implementation.
– Audio Clip Crossfades: Adjacent audio clips can now be seamlessly crossfaded with a simple mouse action.
– Improved and Individual Vertical Zoom: Enjoy complete control over your view of waveforms on-screen.
– Mute MIDI Notes: Easily mute/unmute individual MIDI notes to add variation to recordings and try things out without having to change position or delete the note itself.
– New Pen Tool: Write multiple notes to your regions in real time. This is especially useful for drum programming.
– Played/Selected Notes Now Shown in Key Edit.
– Additional Workflow Improvements: Absolute snap function, drawing of automation points at the same volume, shortcut for MIDI notes shifting by one octave.

A witch says,
* You need the installation of R2R-WAIFU v1.5 or above.
* To use Rack Extension, check our Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder release. More information will be available in that release.
For the people who want avoid the Reason 12, which appeared one week ago. You are better not to install Reason 11 and Reason 12 on the same computer. 11 or 12, decide that for yourself!

Reason v11.3.9 WiN FULL-R2R