Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN x64-R2R

Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN x64-R2R

Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN x64-R2R

Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN

Team R2R | 22 Oct 2021 | 141.29MB


Record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. Studio One is driven by tools that enhance your creativity without getting in the way; we pioneered its drag-and-drop workflow that continues to be imitated elsewhere. Laborious tasks that take five steps in other DAWs usually only take… One. A popular example: you can convert MIDI to audio and back with a simple drag-and-drop.


  • The only DAW that lets you compose, record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application
  • NEW! Available standalone or as part of the PreSonus Sphere membership
  • NEW! Score View for traditional notation
  • NEW! Perform live with Studio One! Use your recorded assets to bring your studio sound to the live show; play virtual amps live; sequence and re-arrange your Setlist all from the new Show Page
  • NEW! Completely redesigned Native Effects plugin suite
  • NEW! MPE/Poly Pressure support for advanced MIDI instruments
  • NEW! MTC/MMC synchronization
  • Intuitive single-window work environment with quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support.
  • Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, advanced automation features, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Console Shaper emulates the sound of an analog console with control overdrive, noise, and even true channel crosstalk, thanks to Mix Engine FX’s cross-channel processing
  • Chord Track manipulates audio and note data of any or all tracks for Harmonic Editing and song prototyping
  • Five powerful virtual instruments including: Impact XT drum sampler; Presence XT virtual sample-player; Mai Tai polyphonic analog modeling synthesizer; Mojito monophonic subtractive synthesizer; and Sample One XT live sampler and sample editor
  • Patterns allow for intuitive drum and melody composition via familiar drum machine/step-sequencer style UI
  • *Studio One 5 Is only supported on 64-Bit operating systems. *


Post Includes:
– Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN x64-R2R
– Studio One 5 Reference Manual English v5.4.0.3-R2R
– Studio One 5 Reference Manual Japanese v5.2.0.1-RET
– Studio One 5 Reference Manual Spanish v5.0.0.0-R2R
– Studio One 5 Reference Manual German v5.0.0.1-R2R
– Studio One 5 Reference Manual French v5.0.0.0-R2R
– Hub v1.1.0-R2R
— > Fat Channel XT v2.0.0 for Hub-R2R
– CTC-1 v1.0.0-R2R
– Fat Channel Collection Vol.1 v1.0.2-R2R
– Channel Strip Collection v1.0.8-R2R
– Chennel Strip Collection v1.0.5-R2R
– VU Meter v1.0.5-R2R
– Ampire v3.0.0-R2R
– Presence XT Editor v1.0.0-R2R

Version 5.4.1 Release Notes (October 14, 2021):
The following issues have been fixed:
● [Apple Silicon Native] Tuner shows incorrect results
● [ATOM SQ] Fixed page numbers for Song, Instrument, and Editor buttons
● [macOS] Touch event is offset in plug-in select menu
● [Note Editor] Tab to next note not working consistently
● 32-bit float recording from Capture shows up as 16-bit in Studio One
● Alt+Drag in arrangement intermittently crashes S1
● BPM from WAV file not properly applied to audio part
● Can’t drag WAV files to browser to export events with FX
● Cancel mixdown keeps rendered part
● Crash when closing plug-in editor via touch
● Crash with Acustica Audio N4 plug-in
● “Cursor follows edit position” option fails when dragging chords from the chord track to the arrangement
● Dragging notes from note editor to arrangement delivers unexpected results
● Dragging time-stretched audio event with detected chords to instrument track creates event with wrong length
● Dragging Splitter from browser search result shows unwanted behavior
● Higher audio monitoring latency reported in certain cases
● Impact XT inside a multi-instrument creates unwanted noise
● Note On not sent to MIDI outputs when MPE enabled
● Pipeline ‘ping’ doesn’t work when transport is stopped
● Potential crash on system shutdown when Studio One is still open
● Scores from Notion using Jazz font are displayed incorrectly
● Some automation parameters may be linked to the wrong track with bus automation
● SoundCloud browser tab occasionally stays empty
● With Plug-in Nap active, reverb tail is cut from certain AU plug-ins
● With Show Page in Perform View, pressing space bar to play/stop doesn’t work when Setlist is in focus

Studio One 5 Professional v5.4.1 WiN x64-R2R
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