AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1 macOS-MORiA

AmpKnob RevC

AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1 macOS-MORiA

AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1 macOS

MORiA | 29 August 2022 | 436MB


What if we told you that you only need one single knob to get a great heavy guitar tone? And what if we told you that you will experience responsiveness and realism previously unheard in a plug-in? With the new AmpKnob RevC, this is becoming a reality. Plug in, rock out and immediately start recording bone-crushing guitars without anything to distract your creativity.

– In fact, AmpKnob is already making its way into top-tier productions.
– Hear for yourself how AmpKnob RevC works in real-world mixes from a vast selection of styles!

– Imagine this: you walk straight into a world-class recording studio, carrying your favorite guitar.
– Towering before you is the Unholy Grail of rock and metal guitar amps — the classic treadplated RevC with a pre-500 serial number in immaculate condition.
– Before your arrival, one of the world’s most experienced metal producers has spent hours carefully selecting and placing microphones to perfectly capture the amp and cabinet.
– Everything is set up and ready for you, all you need to do is plug in your guitar and start playing.
– We give you AmpKnob RevC, the first in a series of revolutionary one-knob amps

AmpKnob RevC v1.2.1 macOS-MORiA
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