Amplifikation Clarent v1.0.0 WiN-R2R

Amplifikation Clarent v1.0.0 WiN-R2R

Amplifikation Clarent v1.0.0 WiN

Team R2R | 13 Jan 2021 | 443MB


3rd gen Tube Simulation technology following the much hyped Amplifikation Caliburn and Matchlock. Amplifikation Clarent is inspired by Orange* amps and thanks to the 3rd gen Tube Simulation engine guarantees a more dynamic natural sounding, realistic amp recording experience for guitarists. There are no other guitar amplifiers other than Orange Amplifiers* whose looks and presence is as unique as its sounds. Instantly recognizable by its bright colorful appearance, delivering thunderous crunchy tone used by world class acts such as Fleetwood Mac*, The Black Crowes*, Oasis*, Mastodon*, High on Fire*, Slipknot*, Orianthi*, Deftones*, Korn*, and many others!

This time a different approach where we mix and match the tones from magesy download different inspirations of Orange Amplifiers* for each channel, resulting in six distinct sounds for you to rock on your personal computer. Powered by the third generation of our proprietary circuit-matching technology, please enjoy the incarnation of British heaviness: Amplifikation Clarent. Run Amplifikation Clarent as plug-ins inside your DAW’s project, or gave an immediate run as standalone app for a quick guitar practice or drafting out presets, or break it down to 3 different amp modules inside Amplifikation 360 “playground” where you can mix and match with Kuassa’s other Amplifikations or Efektors.

Key Features:
– 3 amp types, with influences from magesy download various models of Orange* Amps:
– Clarent A: Thick and clean. A powerful choice for playing with effect pedals.
– Clarent B: Meaty and crunchy. Delivers punchy, mid-forward distortion on channel 2.
– Clarent C: Modern high gain type sound. Pushing massive distortion with long sustain.
– 2 magesypro audio channels for each amp: Low Gain and High Gain.
– Sag and Bias feature on the power amp section.
– Low pass and high pass filters.
– Five types of cabinets with impulse responses taken from magesy download genuine Orange* cabinets.
– Seven types of workhorse mics: Shure* SM57, Sennheiser* MD421, Sennheiser* MD441, C&T* Naked Eye, Royer* 121, AKG* C414, Neumann* TLM103.
– Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations with mono or stereo configuration,
– just like a real-life guitar recording session with mix option.
– Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter.
– Photorealistic graphics for lifelike guitar playing experience.
– Straightforward and easy to use interface.
– Support up to 8x Oversampling

Amplifikation Clarent v1.0.0 WiN-R2R