Analog Lab V v5.1.0 WiN CSE-V.R

Analog Lab V v5.1.0 WiN CSE-V.R

Analog Lab V v5.1.0 WiN CSE

Team V.R | 18 March 2021 | 1.74 GB


Analog Lab gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets. Featuring sounds from magesy download all 21 faithfully modeled vintage keyboards, combining awe-inspiring sound with exceptional ease of use and awesome features. In addition to studying the feedback from magesy download the music community, our developers worked hand-in-hand with professional ergonomists to optimize each aspect of this music production & performance dream instrument. It resulted in an intuitive interface, a beautifully organized category based browsing experience, and natural mapping of the sonic parameters, creating a self-contained sonic encyclopedia of legendary sounds.

Main Features:
•The original hardware/software hybrid synthesizer
•Over 6500 sounds from magesy download some of the best sound designers in the industry
•Presets are carefully selected from magesy download our V Collection 6 (ARP 2600 V, B-3 V, CS-80 V, Farfisa V, Jup-8 V, Matrix-12 V, Mini V, Modular V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, •Synclavier V, Piano V2, Vox Continental V, Wurli V, Buchla Easel V, Clavinet V, DX7 V and CMI V)
•Updated browser to find your sound quickly: by Type (Bass, Pads, Leads…), by Characteristics (long, bright, dark…), etc.
•Multi mode for creating your own layers, splits and adding effects
•Automatic mapping of parameters for ART keyboards
•Parameters can be mapped easily to other MIDI controllers
•Standalone or plug-in operation (VST, VST3, AU, AAX)
•Full preset editing available for owners of the full versions of our synthesizers (Mini V, Modular V, CS-80V, Wurlitzer V, etc.)
•User interface configures automatically to match your Art controller

V 5.1.0:
Graphical changes
•Improved visual feedback for part Replace and part Control modes
•Opening the Instrument view for a part of a Multi updates the Controls to control the selected part
•Home: removed Show Results and Explore buttons
•Explore: only showing the “Show Results” button when selecting multiple filters of the same category
•Updated Preset Info panel layout
•Added the Preset names in the Preset Info for each part of a Multi
•Added the Instrument names in the Preset Info for each part of a Multi
•Added Edit Preset button in Preset Info panel to open the Studio
•Added Back button to exit the Studio, Instrument views and Stage mode
•Added Done button to validate the selection when replacing a Part
•Removed Part 2 placeholder in Preset Info when only one part is used
•Removed Library, Studio and Stage tabs in the toolbar

Other Changes
•Various performance improvements when filtering presets
•Improved browsing using the MiniLab mk2, KeyLab Essential and KeyLab mk2
•Selecting a filter on the Home page now loads the first preset
•Loading a multi preset in Replace mode now asks the user to select a part
•Loading a multi and dragging a Preset closes the more info panel
•When the filters are open, clicking on the greyed out parts now closes the filters
•Updated Demo Playlist

Bug fixes:
•Comments added to presets are no longer lost when added to a playlist
•No more crashes when loading presets from magesy download Synthwave Sound Bank
•No more missing font error on Windows 10 when a font file has changed
•No more Pricing Visibility Issues in Sound Store with prices in $
•Sorting types inside a bank is now working properly
•Split point is now always editable above the Keys of a Multi
•Bank titles are no longer cropped when changing the zoom while Banks are OPEN

Analog Lab V v5.1.0 WiN CSE-V.R