Bute: Loudness Analyzer 2 v2.0.0 WiN

Bute Loudness Analyzer 2 v2.0.0 WiN

Bute: Loudness Analyzer 2

JustFun598 | 10 May 2021 | 3.01 MB

(Stereo/Surround) | VST2/VST3 x64

Many producers are moving towards mixing and mastering within loudness specs set internally or by major streaming and broadcasting platforms for quality assurance. BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 provides accurate loudness metering data on a bute-iful graphical user interface and highlights areas that are non-compliant with a preset or user-input specification. This helps optimise the quality of mixes and masters, while avoiding potential distortions downstream..

Smart, synchronised workflow for broadcasting, post and games.
Loudness metering tools are ideal for balancing music, dialogue and sound effects whether in stereo or up to Atmos 7.1.2 surround sound. Long-form content is made much easier to deal with using our smart history overview. Get an overview of up to 10-hours of content and navigate to any section of a track with ease. BUTE’s custom alert system will clearly point out areas that go outwith a user specified range and any True Peak overshoots. A wide array of industry standard presets are included.

Mixing and Mastering with BUTE
BUTE plugins are compatible with VST, AU and AAX (including Audio Suite), so will synchronise harmoniously with almost any DAW. Our smart auto re-metering feature gives instantaneous feedback on how loudness will be affected by changes to the mix so there is no need to re-meter the whole mix. Readings for Absolute/Relative Scale, True Peak/LUFS and Max/Live modes are easy to toggle between from the main display.

Smart compact read-out view
When screen estate and CPU are at a premium, a compact read-out helps keep things optimised. BUTE is completely resizable and scalable. Even while in compact view, you can easily switch between display settings and obtain read-outs for up to 7.1.2 Atmos channel configurations, while saving screen estate for other programs.

Bring your music to all streaming platforms
All the tools in your hand to make your music sound optimal on Spotify, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Check and more. We regularly update presets and include most platforms. User-defined presets for internal standards can also be created and saved

Mixing & Mastering
– Produce consistent masters
– Avoid ‘level shifting’ and clipping downstream
– Ensure accurate representation of your audio/music
– Measure and refine dynamic content

Post-production & Broadcasting
– Hit target levels easily with a wide range of implemented presets
– Ensure and prove compliance with regulation
– Balance dialogue, music and effects
– Manage live broadcasting & streaming levels accurately and efficiently
– Optimise dynamics for streaming content

Game Design
– Balance sound effects and dialogue
– ASWG 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound support (Surround version)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/7Fk1
Bute: Loudness Analyzer 2 v2.0.0 WiN