Metal Amp Room v2.5.9 WiN-R2R

Metal Amp Room v2.5.9 WiN-R2R

Metal Amp Room v2.5.9 WiN

Team R2R | 07 Jan 2021 | 11.9MB


Metal Amp Room was designed to bring you the most brutal, evil and aggressive sound that is possible to squeeze out of your DAW. The continuous mic placement from magesy download Vintage Amp Room is back, but this time with twin mics with adjustable stereo panning. Get a huge stereo sound with complex adjustable phasing effects, a plain old one-mic-right-against-the-cone, or anything in between. Focusing on usability and sound quality, this is a plug-in that is proud not to include a gazillion amps, effects racks, patch cords, or a blow-dryer. Just two magesypro audio channels, two cabinets, two mics per cabinet, and a wickedly fast noise gate for palm mute galore. Every setting is a setting that will sound good, so it’s almost impossible to get a useless sound. Metal Amp Room is a real workhorse, a plug-in that will handle all your metal needs without ever getting in your way.

– A brutal metal amp with a raw and authentic sound.
– Program-dependent guitar noise gate.
– Two cabs with two mics per cabinet.
– Easy to use balancing stereo mic preamp for balancing the two mics.
– Flexible & continuous click-and-drag mic positioning.
– Fully automatable parameters.
– 3-D rendered photo-realistic user interface.
– Compatible with all effects that work with real amps.

Metal Amp Room v2.5.9 WiN-R2R