Powershaper v1.2 WiN MAC-R2R

Powershaper v1.2 WiN MAC-R2R

Powershaper v1.2 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 09 August 2020 | WiN: 6.1 MB | OSX: 17.4 MB


Powershaper is a saturation, distortion and overdrive effect plug-in for professional music production applications. Powershaper’s approach to saturation is quite unique as it works in multi-stage manner utilizing dozens of saturation stages in a specified variation. While Powershaper was designed to apply extreme saturation, it can be also used to boost presence of audio tracks subtly. The flexibility of this saturation plug-in is most apparent when applying saturation to the drums: it is possible to dial settings that retain or even extend the punch while applying strong pleasant coloration and presence effect.

– Saturation effects
– Extreme overdrive
– Mix saturation
– Presence booster

Features & Compatibility:
– Multi-stage algorithm
– Algorithm variations
– Stereo processing
– Preset manager
– Undo/redo history
– A/B comparisons
– Contextual hint messages
– All sample rates support
– Zero processing latency
– User interface color schemes
– Resizable interface
– Retina and HighDPI support

Powershaper can be used to apply saturation with good results to various sounds: vocals, drums, bass, guitars, synths, mixes.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/LGBB
Powershaper v1.2 WiN MAC-R2R