ARP ODYSSEY v1.1.3 macOS

ARP ODYSSEY v1.1.3 macOS

ARP ODYSSEY v1.1.3 macOS

Skywalker | 27-07-2020 | 120.5 MB


Combining the know-how of analog reproduction and elaborate modeling technology. The ARP ODYSSEY synthesizer, perfectly reproduced in software. Since the birth of the ARP Odyssey in 1972, it has been a renowned analog synthesizer used on many artists’ records. However, for a number of years it was quite difficult to come by. In 2015, KORG welcomed ARP Instruments’ co-founder David Friend as an advisor and began production of the hardware once again.

The KORG Collection ARP ODYSSEY is the software version of the 2015 ARP ODYSSEY reproduction. We used KORG’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to emulate the analog feeling and sound of the original as closely as possible. We’ve also given it numerous enhancements that are possible only with software, like high polyphony and built-in effects. It’s the most vintage and most modern ARP ODYSSEY that only KORG, with analog know-how and digital technology, could create. Be sure to get it.

Faithfully models the circuits of the ARP ODYSSEY.
– Completely reproduced ARP ODYSSEY with ARP Instruments’ co-founder as the adviser
– Proudly digitized using KORG’s Component Modeling Technology (CMT)

New functions to create ARP sounds that have never been heard before.
– All three generations of filters with different characteristics
– DRIVE switch that generates extreme and wild sounds
– Various voice assign modes including polyphonic
– An arpeggiator with detailed parameter programming capacity
– Six powerful effects, essential to the modern music scene
– Expanded to include VCF/VCA modulation via velocity
– Arpeggiator and LFO can sync the tempo via external MIDI
– Every parameter is controllable via MIDI CC
200 presets to make any sound you can imagine.
Skins for the designs of all three generations.

ARP ODYSSEY v1.1.3 macOS