Rotary Organ v2.0 AU AAX VSTi WiN MAC

Rotary Organ v2.0 AU AAX VSTi WiN MAC

Rotary Organ v2.0 WiN MAC

TALULA | 16.06.2020 | 1.39 GB

…::: AU, AAX, VSTi :::…

Rotary Organ was sampled from a Hammond M3 tonewheel Organ. The end goal was to simulate the sound of a Hammondnd B3 organ with rotating Leslie Speaker inside of a VSTi/AU/AAX plugin. Every drawbar on every note was sampled individually via the organ’s built-in speaker through a Neumann TLM 102 microphone. The signal was re-amped though a Fender Deluxe Reverb and recorded via a Sennheiser e906. Both signals were run through Grace M101 preamps. A Hammond M3 Organ combines the last two harmonics into a single drawbar, this note was omitted. Instead, a “digital foldback” teqchnique was used to extend the harmonics of the Hammond M3 to be similar to that of a Hammond B3.

– 60 Note Range C2 to C7
– DI and Amp Signals, Reverb, Vacuum Tube and Speaker Sims
– 10 Drawbars, Leslie Sim, Percussion, Vibrato, and Key Click
– 500 MB of Sample Data and 95 Presets
– Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz

Release v2.0 6/13/2020
Improvements since last version:
*Added amplifiers using Vacuum Tube simulations
*Added speaker/EQ curves
*Made the plugin less bright with a soft/bright switch and an “angle” knob that controls the directionality of the Leslie
*Added many presets based on famous songs
*Added separate controls for Bottom+Upper pan and volume
*Added a mellow knob.
*Added a chorus knob
*Added a knob to control percussion boost/cut
*Added an overdrive switch (toggles old distortion algorithm on/off)
*Added trim+volume knobs to feed the amplifier
*Added volume controls for Leslie and DI volume and panning.
*Added Knobs to control Upper+Bottom rotor Depth
*Added a Reverb Size Knob
*Added a delay knob
*Made the Leslie control Midi reassignable
*Volume Swell controls (also Midi reassignable)
*Added a switch to turn off lower-manual keyclick
*Added a switch to toggle between Midi leslie control and velocity.
*Leslie speed can also now be controlled from midi notes (AO/Bb0)
*Added a “Flip Swell” switch to invert midi pedal control on volume swell
*Fixed the bottom+upper rotor speeds and acceleration rampups to be more accurate
*Added “whoosh” (the sound of the leslie spinning) and a switch to toggle it on/off

Bugs Fixed:
– Plugin may be slightly more optimized now

Rotary Organ v2.0 AU AAX VSTi WiN MAC