TCWorks SparkFX Machine v2.1 VSTi x86 WiN-ZONE

TCWorks SparkFX Machine v2.1 VSTi x86 WiN-ZONE

TCWorks SparkFX Machine v2.1 VSTi x86 WiN-ZONE

SparkFX Machine v2.1 VSTi

Team ZONE | 03.23.2002 | 12.62 MB

Spark FX Machine is a Multi-FX processor and Synth Generator for PC and Mac-based VST Systems, complete with 21 TC-quality FX & Synthesis Plug-Ins. FX and synths can be loaded into a matrix, the matrix size can be changed according to your requirements, from 1×1 to 10×10 you can create any size for your processing. Create your own effects or synthesizers by mixing the supplied Plug-Ins any any of your other VST Plug-Ins in series, parallel or both at the same time.

– The matrix size is adjustable from 1×1 to 10×10.
– FXmachine (for VST FX-Plug-Ins).
– FXmachine Instrument (for VST FX- and Instrument-Plug-Ins).

– Reverb (featuring the renowned Native Reverb Algorithm).
– Resonance Filter (with Envelope Follower).
– FuzzSat (Analog Distortion Emulation).
– Grainalizer (Modulated Downsampling Delay).
– Touch Wah (Wah Pedal with MIDI control).
– Tape Delay (Delay with LO-FI effect).

– 1 and 3 Band EQ Plug-In (Parametric, Low Shelve, Hi Shelve, Notch Filter).
– Cut Filter.
– BandPass Filter.
– Correlator.
– Accurate Metering and Clipping Counter.
– Dithering.

– Compressor (Part of TC Native CL.
– Vintage Compression using SoftSat (Part of TC Native CL).
– Limiter (Part of TC Native CL).
– MaxIt (Maximizer Plug-In).
– Expander.
– Multiband Processing using all of the above.

These Synth-building blocks can be combined freely with other VST instuments and FX to build new sound generators:
– TCO – Oscillator (monophonic virtual analog Dual Oscillator).
– TCF – Filter (24, 18, 12 dB filter with resonance).
– TCA – Amplifier (amplitude envelope generator with SoftSat).
– TCSeq – Step Sequencer (16 steps, receives MIDI clock).
– TCK – Virtual Keyboard (for fast control).

TCWorks SparkFX Machine v2.1 VSTi x86 WiN-ZONE
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