Clone Ensemble DXi VST PlugIns Pack WiN x86-ViP

Clone Ensemble DXi VST PlugIns Pack WiN

TEAM ViP/ArCADE/R2R | January, 2009/2006 | 40 MB

Alien Solo v2.2 , Bass Chorus v2.3 , Bass Phaser v1.0 , Clone Ensemble v4.2 , Psycho Toolkit v1.1 , Steroid Bouncer v1.2 , Voice Trap v2.0a

Alien Solo v2.2
Alien Solo is a fully-featured monophonic synth that is controlled by your voice. Sing, hum or doo-wop the lead or bassline and then dial up the synth patch you want. You can also process other monophonic sources, but the pitch tracking function is optimised for the human vocal range.



  • – Stable, accurate pitch and envelope tracking algorithm
  • – Auto-tune feature to keep you right on the note
  • – Dual analogue-stye oscillators with 5-octave transpose range
  • – Mix, FM & ring mod modes
  • – Vocoder-like morphing filter to apply your voice’s characteristics to the synth sound
  • – Analogue-stye 2/4/6-pole filters with envelope follow and pitch tracking control


Bass Chorus v2.3
Have you ever used a stereo chorus on a bass sound and ended up with a muddy bottom end swimming all over the place?
Bass Chorus can avoid that problem by separating the bass and treble frequencies, where you set the cutoff frequency. The effect is only applied to the treble portion, which is then mixed back with the bass for output.

Bass Phaser v1.0
Have you ever used a phaser on a bass track and ended up with a floppy bottom end wobbling all over the place?
Bass Phaser can avoid that problem by separating the bass and treble frequencies, where you set the cutoff frequency. The effect is only applied to the treble portion, which is then mixed back with the bass for output.

Clone Ensemble v4.2
Whatever line you play or sing, Clone Ensemble will generate a room full of up to 32 of you in unison or octaves. For vocals, you can change the sex of some or all of the voices. You can dial up a classical choir, a tight jazz chorus or an incredibly realistic ADT effect.

Psycho Toolkit v1.1
Psycho Toolkit is a bundle of plugins that were largely unexpected results of research while developing Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo and Voice Trap. The tools are aimed at sound design rather than mainstream audio production.

Psycho Toolkit includes:

  • Barnum Preamp – OTT warmth-adding analogizer thingy
  • Excitable Boy – aural enhancer / exciter that goes too far
  • Flip Speed – rectification-based and playback speed octave generator with an attitude problem
  • Metal Demon – death metal vocal effect to defile the purest voice
  • Sick Puppy – seriously twisted wave-peak analysis distortion generator
  • Trash Triode – vacuum tube and cheap amp construction kit
  • Water Glass – noise reduction and texture generation


Steroid Bouncer v1.2
Have you ever loaded up a sample library and discovered that the “stereo” samples are not really stereo?


Classic examples are:

  • * Upright bass with microphone on the left, piezo pickup on the right
  • * Bass drum with one microphone panned left, a very different one panned right
  • You’ll know the drill: split the track into two mono tracks, process each one separately.
  • Have you ever needed to tame a track where the panning was just a bit too radical? The same drill.
  • These tracks aren’t stereo, they’re steroid!
  • And you need a bouncer to knock them into shape.
  • Steroid Bouncer will save you heaps of effort in most of these situations. It gives you independent mixing, panning, EQ and (delicious) overdrive control over each channel of a “stereo” track.
  • And best of all, it’s totally free. No nags, lo-fi output, timeouts or beeps.
  • NB: if you’ve got this far and don’t know what I’m on about, Steroid Bouncer probably isn’t for you.


Voice Trap v2.0a
Back in the old days you could remove the vocal from magesy download a stereo track by subtracting the left channel from magesy download the right.

  • * You only got mono output,
  • * The bass was missing,
  • * The mix sounded terrible,
  • * You could only remove the vocal, not isolate it,
  • * It only really worked on old tracks, before they started using stereo reverb.


Voice trap offers two sophisticated DSP algorithms:

  • * FFT-based center channel suppression / isolation,
  • * Cepstral liftering (an advanced technique that can identify harmonically rich elements in a mix).


Together these allow Voice Trap to overcome those problems:

  • * The output is stereo,
  • * The bass frequencies are left untouched,
  • * The mix is largely preserved,
  • * You can choose to remove the vocal OR isolate it,
  • * Good results possible on some modern tracks (ie, with stereo reverb).


Clone Ensemble DXi VST PlugIns Pack WiN-ViP