Mokafix Audio VST Bundle Pack 2010 WiN x86-ASSiGN

Mokafix Audio VST Bundle Pack 2010 WiN-ASSiGN

Mokafix Audio VST Bundle Pack 2010 WiN-ASSiGN

Mokafix Audio VST Pack 2010 WiN

TEAM ASSiGN | 08.03.2010 | 217 MB

This pack include: Baboon VST v1.0 RC1 (200TH RELEASE), Brass Buster VST v1.2, Companero Fuzz VST v1.2, D-Plus & D-380 VST v1.0 RC1, EZ-Driver VST v1.2, Kung Fuzz VST v1.2, Lamp Driver VST v1.0.RC1, Muffin Rider VST v1.2, RectiFuzz VST v1.2, Sentor VST v1.0 RC1, The Bat VST v1.0 RC1.

200TH RELEASE: We’ve released 200 softwares now! If you are an angel, please buy the softwares if you like it. If you are a devil, please buy the softwares which aren’t pirated, then send them to us 🙂

– Mokafix.Audio.Baboon.VST.v1.0.RC1.200TH.RELEASE-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Brass.Buster.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Companero.Fuzz.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.D-Plus.&.D-380.VST.v1.0.RC1-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.EZ-Driver.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Kung.Fuzz.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Lamp.Driver.VST.v1.0.RC1-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Muffin.Rider.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.RectiFuzz.VST.v1.2-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.Sentor.VST.v1.0.RC1-ASSiGN
– Mokafix.Audio.The.Bat.VST.v1.0.RC1-ASSiGN

– Mokafix.Audio.Blue.Reeds.VSTi.v1.055-peace-out
– Mokafix.Audio.Blue.Reeds.VSTi.v1.0551-NEMESiS

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